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About us

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Sapherior Consult is a group of experts with many years of practical and project experience. Our heart beats for the process industry - with a special focus on chemistry and life science.
Thanks to our different professional backgrounds and perspectives, we take a holistic and practical approach to our clients' issues. Our top priority is that listening is the first step towards a solution.

Focus areas

  • Organisation & Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Reorganization
  • Post-Merger Integration/PMI
  • Carve Out and Deal Advisory

André Thieme

Focus areas

  • Chemical Parks
  • Pharma Parks
  • Industrial Services
  • Pricing Models
  • M&A Deal Advisory

Dr. Ernst Grigat

Focus areas

  • Industry Trends
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Negotiation
  • Sales & Marketing

Dr. Johannes Kanellakopoulos


Chemical Parks & Industrial Services

Chemical Parks and Pharma Parks enable greater efficiency and resilience for sites with several tenants on the same site. We have helped to establish and develop a number of parks and their service products. We are happy to share this experience.

  • Three pharmaceutical sites were transferred to a park structure with an adapted organization, including the development of service products and suitable pricing models.
  • An inefficient contractual interdependence that had developed in a medium-sized chemical park was equalized in such a way that incentives for joint efficiency gains were created.
  • Three large chemical sites were evaluated in an M&A process and plans were drawn up for their systematic transformation into chemical parks. This included organization, product development and pricing models.
  • Three large traditional plants were transformed into a chemical park. The park attracted more and more investment over a decade, exceeding all expectations, and became the most successful park in Europe.

Sales & Marketing

The challenges you face in B2B business, we know by heart. Our first-hand knowledge is based on our time many years of sales responsibility. By working together we combine your specific understanding of your markets and our experience from many years as responsible sales managers to create suitable, efficient solutions. 

  • Development of a market entry strategy into the European market for an Asian specialty chemicals manufacturer. 
  • Realignment of the custom manufacturing business area of a multinational CDMO. This included identifying and analyzing CDMOs in the pharmaceutical industry as a key customer segment and formulating a segment- as well as customer-specific communication strategy. 
  • Realignment of Marketing, Sales and R&D resources to reposition a specialty chemicals segment. To this end, the business model and success factors were jointly defined, including the segment-specific determination of service requirements. 
  • Demystifying and determining the real customer-specific added value of the product and service portfolio of a European chemical player. Subsequently, we adjusted the pricing strategy and investment focus together with our client and derived a market development strategy for B products in the portfolio. 

Reorganization & Transformation

Discover strategies with us to master reorganization challenges and promote innovation. At Sapherior Consult, we work with you to make change in your company easier and more accessible - we turn those affected into active players. We will be happy to accompany you beyond the conception stage right through to successful implementation. 

  • Development, introduction and support in the implementation of a new cross-functional process for product development at a manufacturer of agrochemical and pharmaceutical intermediates. 
  • Realignment of Marketing, Sales and R&D resources to reposition a chemical business. To this end, the business model and success factors were jointly defined, including the segment-specific determination of service requirements. 
  • Preparation in the M&A process and management support during the Post-Merger Integration of service functions, including leveraging synergies through process reorganization and cost reductions. 
  • Reorganization of an S&OP process at a German SME with a bottom-up approach.

Supply Chain & Procurement

We understand your supply chain challenges in the process industry based on our many years of personal operational line experience. We therefore quickly find the necessary access to your technical experts from purchasing, production and logistics, with whom we work together to identify the relevant problem areas and develop practical solutions. 

  • Development and implementation of a statistically supported, fully automated inventory management process for a business unit of a global specialty chemicals manufacturer
  • Optimization of the logistics setup with regard to minimizing transport times and costs with the best possible load distribution for a specialty chemicals manufacturer with several warehouses 
  • Introduction of active and passive toll conversion to reduce import duties
  • Team training in purchasing and supply chain management for the strategic and tactical preparation of successful negotiations

Why us?

You need someone who understands your current challenge? Someone who can quickly find solutions together with your employees? 

So let's discuss your upcoming project. Because we are convinced that the combination of your and our knowledge will result in the solutions that make the difference in your everyday life. 

sapherior consult


Nachhaltige Chemieproduktion in China

For the industry and Europe - we sign the Antwerp Declaration

International competition is nothing new for Germany and the EU. Industries have always moved away for competitive reasons, as a look at the textile and dye industries shows. This will remain true. But the current, climate-oriented restructuring of industry must not lead to artificial competitive disadvantages. In order to make this restructuring of industry in Europe swift and competitive, planning certainty, procedural acceleration and suitable incentive systems are required from policy-makers. Sapherior Consult has therefore co-signed the "Antwerp Declaration" of European industry. 

Medium-sized companies count - Sapherior Consult joins BVMW

Our clients include global players as well as mid-sized companies. It is therefore consistent for us to represent the interests of SMEs through our membership of the BVMW. We look forward to discussing the current and future challenges of SMEs. Even if prominent topics such as the Supply Chain Control Act are currently dominating supply chain discussions, operational issues such as long tail management are often much more decisive because they pose immediate challenges. We are definitely looking forward to the exchange. 
Establishing the new Company

We found Sapherior Consult GmbH


We are happy to resurrect as Sapherior Consult GmbH!
After most of the shareholders of Sapherior GmbH wanted to retire, we took the opportunity to provide the proven foundation with a new company, a new location and a few fresh ideas.
We are all looking forward to getting started in our new line-up. Even if our colleagues don't stand out on the street, they are world class in their respective fields ... and a pleasure to work with.
Tail Spend-Management in der Chemieindustrie

Supply Chain: Managing your Tail Spend

C-items only account for a small proportion of the value of the purchasing portfolio. However, this part of procurement, also known as tail spend, affects up to 80% of all purchased items and suppliers and causes a lot of work.
In practice, this segment is therefore often neglected and the hidden cost-cutting potential is not exploited.
A webinar organized together with our cooperation partner Höveler-Holzmann presented a three-stage approach with which efficient tail spend management can be anchored in the organization and largely automated using modern B2B technologies. 
Nachhaltige Chemieproduktion in China

Site management: Sustainable chemical production in China

We are supporting a Chinese client with a new chemical park site in Inner Mongolia, one of the growth regions in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia, where the energy supply, which was previously based on coal-fired power generation, is being expanded on a large scale by photovoltaics and wind power. The new site in the Ordos region is intended in particular for German hidden champions who want to operate energy-intensive processes with low-cost renewable energies.
The development is also taking place in cooperation with the Hermann Simon Business School in Shouguang, which teaches the concept of hidden champions in China. 

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